Masked job applications just got easier. Blindfold allows candidates to focus on their qualifications and avoid judgement based on personal details.

Shilpi Agarwal
Engineering Leader, Meta

Every candidate gets a more equal chance to be evaluated based on their skills and experience.

Mohit Gupta
Sr. Engineering Director, Instacart

Blindfold revolutionizes the hiring process by reducing bias and supporting fair and equal opportunities for everyone.

Varun Kacholia
Co-Founder & CTO, Eightfold

Blindfold fosters a more inclusive workforce, encouraging employers to recognize and embrace diverse talent. This is groundbreaking.

York Poon
Startup Advisor and Investor

Blindfold opens doors for individuals from all backgrounds, helping to enable a truly diverse workforce. Kudos to blindfold!

Amit Agarwal
Head of Product Business API, WhatsApp

I'm impressed with blindfold's commitment to reducing bias in hiring. This is the future of hiring!

Amit Prakash
Co-founder and CTO, ThoughtSpot Inc.