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Chris Parker

Software Engineer








TechSolutions Inc.

Jul 2020 - Sep 2020

Software Development Intern

San Francisco, CA

Completed a summer internship at TechSolutions, where I contributed to the development of a Java-based application. Assisted in debugging and improving a Python data analysis tool. Participated in code reviews and agile development processes.


AI Recommendations

Software Development+
Agile Methodologies+
Code Review+
Application Testing+
Team Collaboration+
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Masked job applications just got easier. Blindfold allows candidates to focus on their qualifications and avoid judgement based on personal details.

Shilpi Agarwal
Engineering Leader, Meta

Every candidate gets a more equal chance to be evaluated based on their skills and experience.

Mohit Gupta
Sr. Engineering Director, Instacart

Blindfold revolutionizes the hiring process by reducing bias and supporting fair and equal opportunities for everyone.

Varun Kacholia
Co-Founder & CTO, Eightfold

Blindfold fosters a more inclusive workforce, encouraging employers to recognize and embrace diverse talent. This is groundbreaking.

York Poon
Startup Advisor and Investor

Blindfold opens doors for individuals from all backgrounds, helping to enable a truly diverse workforce. Kudos to blindfold!

Amit Agarwal
Head of Product Business API, WhatsApp

I'm impressed with blindfold's commitment to reducing bias in hiring. This is the future of hiring!

Amit Prakash
Co-founder and CTO, ThoughtSpot Inc.

Blind hiring is the solution to rampant hiring bias


The role of blind hiring in advancing equity and inclusion in the workplace.


We know diversity leads to creativity and innovation, which is why I love blind hiring. It takes a lot of subjectivity out of the selection process.


Many companies like HSBC, BBC, and Google are applying blind hiring practices in order to hire talented candidates from different backgrounds.


One in five women experience gender discrimination in recruitment.

Univ. of Toronto

Chinese, Pakistani, and Indian-sounding names are 28% less likely to get called for an interview.

Reduce bias and improve diversity in hiring

Improve diversity
Focus on skills and capabilities rather than names and personal details.
Reduced spam
Candidate profiles can only be blindfolded once every 3 months.
Verified contacts
Candidate contact (email and phone) information is pre-verified.
Reduced PII
Don't collect candidate PII (Personally Identifiable Information) unless needed.